National and International Projects of AIDII

  • Sergio Luzzi Associazione Italiana degli Igienisti Industriali – Delegato ai Progetti Speciali
  • Giuseppe Nano Politecnico di Milano
Keywords: Networking, projects, good practice, Occupational Hygiene Promotion, education.


In the last decade, the Italian Association of Industrial Hygienists has joined a number of National and International research and awareness projects aimed at deepening some occupational hygiene issues and sharing good practices. The main objective of the participation of AIDII in these projects was the diffusion and promotion of occupational hygiene in Italy and in the world, creating and developing partnerships and collaborations with other scientific associations, institutions, universities, public and private research and education bodies operating in the health and safety sector with the occupational hygiene approach.
The participation and coordination of these projects has allowed AIDII to increase its national and international visibility, seizing opportunities to experiment and share good hygiene practices and, last but not least, to obtain positive economic contributions for the financial asset of the Association. In this paper the implementation of these projects is summarized, showing partnerships, objectives and main achieved results.



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