The Role of AIDII in the International Associations


  • Danilo Cottica Centro Ricerche Ambientali Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri S.p.A. S.B. Padova
  • Mariella Carrieri Dip. di Scienze Cardio-Toraco-Vascolari e Sanità Pubblica, Università degli Studi di Padova.





The paper traces the international activity of AIDII and its members within the International Association of Industrial Hygienists (IOHA) since the founding of this last one in 1986.
Reference is made, in particular, to the activities that involved AIDII such as the recognition of the process of accreditation of the figure of occupational hygienist of ICFP by the "National Occupational Hygiene Accreditation Recognition" (NAR) and the support for training programs developed within the Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA).
The collaborations carried out, as a member of IOHA, with international bodies or in working groups, for the development and achievement of important goals in the field of health and environmental protection, in particular with the WHO and for the development of REACH, are also reported.
The recognition of the international activity of the Association took place with the Italian presidency of IOHA and the success achieved, in terms of both scientific content and participation, during the 8th IOHA conference organized in 2010 in Rome by AIDII with the support of INAIL and ISPESL.