Atmospheric modeling and operational weather forecasting at the ISAC-CNR of Lamezia Terme: possible predictive tools for emergencies management.


  • Elenio Avolio ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme
  • Ivano Ammoscato ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme
  • Maria Francesca de Pino ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme
  • Daniel Gullì ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme
  • Teresa Lo Feudo ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme
  • Claudia Roberta Calidonna ISAC-CNR Lamezia Terme



atmospheric modeling, weather forecasting, emergency


High resolution meteorological modeling has a primary role in the accurate forecasting of the atmospheric fields directly related to the environmental pollution and to the potential damage to human health.

Pollutants are carried by the medium wind and convection, linked to surface heating, facilitates their ascent to upper levels. Moreover, of primary interest is the study of phenomena related to precipitation, responsible for the removal of pollutants by wet deposition. Finally, the air-quality models, thanks to which it’s possible to provide quantitative information on the spatiotemporal evolution of pollutants, use the meteorological model outputs as forcing.

At ISAC-CNR of Lamezia Terme, an operational weather-marine forecasting system, produces daily outputs for the next 72 hours. The system is freely accessible at the address:


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