Augmented Reality: key enabling technology for training and information of workers


  • Raffaele d'Angelo CONTARP – INAIL, DR Campania, Napoli
  • Antonio Lanzotti Fraunhofer JL IDEAS – DII Federico II. Napoli
  • Gennaro Bufalo UOT – INAIL, DR Campania. Napoli
  • Francesco Carbone Fraunhofer JL IDEAS – DII Federico II. Napoli
  • Andrea Tarallo Fraunhofer JL IDEAS – DII Federico II.Napoli



App DVR, augmented reality


INAIL-ConTARP - Directorate for Campania Region and Ideas lab@Dept. of Industrial Engineering - Federico II have carried out the development and implementation of a good practice in the field of Safety 4.0. The App DVR+ for mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones and head-mounted displays - HMD), based on Google ARCore, is developed to speed up and simplify the safety information exchange between safety managers and workers; further, it could reduce risks to workers through continuous training on the job that is available when and where needs. Usability issue of AR tools are evaluated with reference to real case studies. The results show that AR tools produce better results than traditional paper documentation in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness, but do not provide the same satisfaction for all devices among Smartphone, HMD and tablets. AR tools are intended as aid tools and not a substitute for traditional workplace safety practices.


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