Health promotion for RLS of agriculture sector in a new project INAIL coordinated and directed by AIDII

Sergio Luzzi, Federica Maratini


RLS are the Workers Representatives for Health and Safety, as defined by the Italian Framework Law. The project, entitled RETI DI RLS PER LA PROMOZIONE DELLA SALUTE (RLS NETWORK FOR HEALTH PROMOTION), is co-funded by the General Directorate for Prevention of INAIL as part of the projects aimed at developing the preventive action in the field of health and safety at work, with particular reference to the construction, agriculture and healthcare and hospital sectors ".

The working group leaded by AIDII, includes the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the University of Florence, the Italian Confederation of Farmers - Tuscan section and Vie Ingegneria company.

Some of the project objectives are: the implementation of communication tools, such as a dedicated portal and a specific application, the provision of training courses, and the distribution of scientific materials and practical handbooks produced by the project partners, under the supervision of AIDII and finally the implementation and creation of a more solid health management system overall the territory.


RLS networking, Health Safety Promotion, Prevention in agriculture

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