Antineoplastic drugs handling and risk assessment in health care settings

Elena Grignani, Cristina Sottani, Sara Negri, Danilo Cottica


By far, data from the World Cancer Report 2014 say that the number of cases is expected to grow by 50% over the next 20 years. As a result, treatments by means of conventional antineoplastic drugs (ADs) and/or monoclonal antibody has been increasing in number and amount of handled substances. Therefore, a heavy workload may put hospital personnel at a severe exposure to these hazardous drugs. Cytostatic drugs  do not exert therapeutic effects in cancer patients but also have the potential to harm healthcare workers who prepare and administer ADs such as pharmacists and nurses.
This study aims to show the rate of changing of exposure levels over a long-term monitoring surveillance programs carried out in hospitals. Environmental data and pre and post-shift urine samples collected from workers are reported. Based on this data a large database has been created in order to set a valuable benchmark for antineoplastic drugs.


Antineoplastic drugs, monoclonal antibody, exposure levels

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Surface wipe sampling for antineoplastic (chemotherapy) and other hazardous drug residue in healthcare settings: Methodology and recommendations.

Kiffmeyer TK, Tuerk J, Hahn M, Stuetzer H, Hadtstein C, Heinemann A, Eickmann U. (2013) Application and Assessment of a Regular Environmental Monitoring of the Antineoplastic Drug Contamination Level in Pharmacies -The MEWIP project. Ann Occup Hyg; 57: 444-55

Sottani C, Grignani E, Oddone E, Dezza B, Negri S, Villani S and Cottica D. Monitoring Surface Contamination by Antineoplastic Drugs in Italian Hospitals: Performance-Based Hygienic Guidance Values (HGVs) Project. Annals of Work Exposure and Health, 2017 1-9 doi:10.1093/annweh/wxx065

USP Chapter 797 recommends and “action level"


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