The reliability of the measurements and the comparison with the limit value

Maria Cristina Aprea, Anna Cenni, Gianfranco Sciarra


 As required by Legislative Decree no. 81/08, the assessment of risk of hazardous chemical agents is an obligation of the employer. In this context, the measurements must be performed with standardized methods, or otherwise appropriate, with reference to the limit values for occupational exposure. For the inhalation exposure assessment, in order to obtain reliable and valid results, the Legislative Decree no. 81/08 indicates, as technical reference standards, the UNI EN 689/1997 and the UNI EN 482/2012.

Also based on what is described in the legislation, the paper reviews the main factors that contribute to the uncertainty of airborne pollutants measures, reserving the same level of depth to the methods used for the determination of biomarkers and for dermal exposure assessment, although in these cases the Legislative Decree no. 81/08 does not indicate specific reference standards.


Measurement uncertainty; respiratory exposure; biological monitoring; dermal exposure

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