Road accidents working in the Marche: subjects and areas at risk

Catia Pieroni, Roberto Rimini, Elisa Agostinelli, Massimo Principi, Roberto Calisti, Lory Santarelli


Literature data indicate the lack of studies on the Marche region on time and large sample, with regard to the assessment of road accidents working. The material has been made available by INAIL Regional Direction Marche. Data collected and analyzed are grouped and sorted according to the variables obtained from questionnaires injury report and records relating to the health worker.

The study allowed us to evaluate road accidents occurred in workers residing in the Marche region in the year 2012, which resulted in the death or absence from work for a period longer than 40 days. The analysis of 508 cases of injury has allowed the one hand to identify common denominators circumscribing and typifying the most critical, the other to create a map of the region with the detailed and precise geolocation of the place of occurrence of each individual event.

Emerged crucial aspects that help identify specific risk factors, in an area historically not particularly investigated, which can be examined in depth in various fora, in order to identify and implement effective policies of prevention.


Road accident; mapping; occupational injury

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