Past occupational exposure to asbestos: technical objective evaluation criteria for the granting of social security allowances

Carlo Clerici, Jana Clerici


The paper investigates the problem connected with occupational exposure to asbestos in companies that already closed
down or modified their activities since more than 20 years after the Law 257/1992 forbidding the use of asbestos was
enacted. However, the question continues to be up-to-date as there are legal proceedings still pending in order to obtain
social security allowances as provided by the above law. The rules officially acknowledge all workers dealing with activities
intended for the direct production or manufacturing of asbestos and/or goods containing asbestos as workers exposed
to asbestos. As for workers whose main activity was not the asbestos manufacturing, the achievement of a yearly
average value of exposure higher than 0.1 fiber·cm-³ has to be considered.


Asbestos; occupational exposure; past activities; social security allowances; average exposure value

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